About Us

Welcome to Rock and Roll Gallery, the web’s first virtual music art gallery!

Chris Vranian started Rock and Roll Gallery in 2000 and it has become the number one full-service Rock and Roll online Art Gallery. Chris’s relationships in the 90’s with photographers in Los Angeles and London were the catalyst for the gallery, it started as an extension of his lifestyle and evolved into what it is today. We provide you with a one stop outlet to purchase some of the finest rock and roll photographic art prints, licensing, NFT’s and consulting services that include IP/copyright.

 We represent unique legendary rock photographers from vintage eras to the present. Each photographers’ work has been acknowledged in classic books, tour programs, magazines, newspapers, movies, album covers, television documentaries, award shows, PR campaigns and even an Iconic Statue! All our photographers have their own style and place in music history! Each print we sell is printed to order by the photographers own specs and style, then signed by the photographer on the border. Limited editions will be numbered by the photographer.

RockandRollGallery.com has been recognized and used by all the major record labels, management companies, touring companies and artists alike. Our clients include; The Hard Rock corporation, restaurants, celebrities, collectors, bars, hotels and retailers to name a few. The publishing credits are too many to list, our images are used by exclusive book publishers including, Taschen, both collectable limited edition Genesis Publications Volumes on Jimmy Page and Reel Art Press’s official Led Zeppelin book for their 50th anniversary, “Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin,” The official Woodstock 50th Book etc.  When a proper book or project on a classic band is being curated, we get the call and deliver.