Rolling Stones / Altamont 1969 - RS-AR-003

Rolling Stones / Altamont 1969 - RS-AR-003

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Item# RS-AR-003

EVENT: Mick Jagger and Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones. That's Graham Parsons, possibly Michelle Phillips, and a Hell's Angel over to the left of the frame. This is at that moment when it all went further south than had been all day. Altamont Speedway, Altamont, CA. December 6, 1969.

11x14 - 850.00       Edition size 200
16x20 - 1250.00    Edition size 150
20x24 - 2000.00   Edition size 100
30x40 - 4000.00   Edition size 50

Process: Archival pigment prints on cotton rag paper.

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